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The difference between cotton jewelry bags and canvas bags

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  • March 22, 2022

Among jewelry packaging bags, cotton jewelry bags are used a lot. And canvas bags are rarely used in jewelry packaging. However, both bags are environmentally friendly bags and are made of pure cotton, which is easy to degrade in the natural environment and will not pollute the environment. Although they have many similarities, there are also differences, canvas bags are much thicker than cotton jewelry bags.

The difference between cotton jewelry bags and canvas bags

Cotton Jewelry Bag
Cotton cloth is an organic fabric made of cotton yarn. Due to different specifications and different post-processing methods, different varieties are derived. The concept of cotton cloth is very broad, and any fabrics spun from cotton yarns as raw materials can be called cotton cloth. But in daily life, it is generally believed that cotton is a single-strand, relatively fine cotton yarn woven, it is very soft, moisture-absorbing, breathable, warm, etc., but it also has the disadvantage that it is easy to shrink and wrinkle.


Cotton jewelry bags are used to hold jewelry, while other cotton fabrics can also be used in clothing, bedding, packaging, industrial, medical, etc.


canvas bag
The canvas is thicker, and the yarns of most specifications of canvas are much thicker than those of ordinary cotton. The raw material of canvas can be made of hemp or cotton. The big difference between canvas and cotton is that the warp and weft yarns of canvas are composed of 2 or more strands, while cotton is single, so the appearance of canvas is rougher than cotton. Canvas is woven with multiple strands. It is tough, wear-resistant and waterproof. Therefore, canvas is often used in canvas bags, clothing, footwear, automobile transportation, luggage and other industries.

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